Frequently Asked Questions

Should I take the ferry or fly?

We strongly recommend that you fly. Flying is the most reliable—and least time consuming way to get to Culebra. The ferry system is unreliable plain and simple.

Air Flamenco and Cape Air both offer direct flights from San Juan Airport (SJU) to Culebra (CPX). Cape Air allows you to book your tickets through JetBlue, United, or American Airlines.

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Should I rent a car, golf cart, scooter, or bike on Culebra?

It all depends on the kind of vacation you want to have.  You can get to town and the major beaches (Flamenco, Tamarindo, Melones, Zoni) via publico (minibus) or taxi. Guests who enjoy walking often simply hike along the road to Flamenco, Tamarindo, and town.   It can get hot, however, and it can also rain! Don’t forget water and sunscreen!

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Where can we eat?

There are many places to eat within walking distance of the Hostel.  Just head towards the ferry to feed your belly! There are a variety of delicacies and there is an abundance of fresh seafood.  You can get a range of food from Puerto Rican to American.

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Where can I snorkel/dive? Where can I rent equipment?

There is snorkeling on almost every beach on the island.  Each beach has its own unique snorkeling and what you will see and experience will vary from one spot to the next.  Must see all!

Equipment for snorkeling  and diving is available for rent as well as purchase on the island.

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What are the best beaches to visit??

Flamenco is the #3 most beautiful beach in the world so it is a must see!  The locals will boast Zoni to be the most beautiful beach on the island. No doubt it is beautiful, they are very similar.

Where should I Kayak?

Tamarindo is wonderful because there are three different beaches you can go to and more!

Luis Pena

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What nightlife is in Culebra?

There are many bars and restaurants with bars to go to in town.  Enjoy some karaoke and dancing all within walking distance.

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Where can I see Sea Turtles?

There are turtles all over the island! If you want to swim with the sea turtles go to Tamarindo.  If you want to see a lot of turtles there go in the morning to catch them while they are eating.  Anytime from 7:30am-10am is approximately the best time to see the most.

Where is the best spot for the sunset?

The secluded beach behind the hostel has one of the best views of the sunset.  You will also capture great pictures of the sunset with famous “Hector the Protector” who protect the island.

Melonez is another beautiful beach to view the sunset.  Very similar to behind the hostel except there is no Hector! But you can time your snorkeling to snorkel late in the afternoon and end your day with a beautiful sunset.

High above the Hostel is a water tower/building.  If you take a right down the first road going towards the library and then another first right up the hill you can walk up to the tower.

Where is the best spot for the sunrise?

Zoni beach is the best spot for the sunrise.

Please be respectful of the many protected leatherback turtle nests along the beach.


Need CASH? Where can I find an ATM?

Most places on the island are cash only.  There is an ATM at the bank down by the ferry as well as at the locker station at Flamenco beach.  Costa del Sol supermarket has an ATM available.