Should I fly or take the ferry to Culebra Puerto Rico?

Nancy   June 30, 2016   Comments Off on Should I fly or take the ferry to Culebra Puerto Rico?

We strongly recommend that you fly.

Flying is the most reliable—and least time consuming way to get to Culebra. The ferry system is unreliable plain and simple.

Air Flamenco and Cape Air both offer direct flights from San Juan Airport (SJU) to Culebra (CPX). Cape Air allows you to book your tickets through JetBlue, United, or American Airlines.

Contact Air Flamenco at 787-724-1105 or; Contact Cape Air at 1-800-CAPE-AIR or https://

Air Flamenco and Vieques Air Link (787-741-8331 or http:// offer less expensive regular flights from Isla Grande Airport, south of Old San Juan, which is a short taxi ride away from the international airport (SJU), depending on traffic.

From Ceiba on Puerto Rico’s east coast, both Air Flamenco and Vieques Air Link offer flights to Culebra.

Please note: All of these are small planes (Britten Islanders and Cessna Caravans), and baggage weight restrictions apply!

Check schedules at Air Flamenco and Vieques Air Link.

The Ferry is much cheaper than flying, but service is unreliable and schedules are an approximation.  Especially in summer months and holiday weekends, it can be difficult to get a ticket at the counter in Fajardo.  It is also very difficult to reserve a ticket by phone. Here is the official website with ticket office hours and ferry schedules: DTOP. The ticket office is just across the street from the entrance to the ferry terminal. Regardless of official hours, the Fajardo ticket office seems to open about an hour before a ferry’s scheduled departure. If you arrive in Fajardo to take the ferry, don’t be shy about asking officials and other passengers for current information.

There is both a passenger ferry (faster) and a cargo ferry (slower) that takes both cars and foot passengers. The ferry ride is about an hour and a half; passengers have seen interesting seabirds, turtles, and dolphins. If you sometimes get seasick, be advised that the crossing can be rough.

You can take a taxi from San Juan to the ferry dock in Fajardo for about $65.-$90. one-way. If you can, find other travelers to share the cost.

Note that many rental car companies will not allow you to take their cars on the ferry (and the ferry employees sometimes check registration); some rental car companies allow you to rent one-way San Juan to Fajardo if you’re coming back by the same means. Otherwise, paid parking lots are available in Fajardo close to the ferry terminal.