Should I rent a car, golf cart, scooter, or bike on Culebra, Puerto Rico?

Nancy   June 30, 2016   Comments Off on Should I rent a car, golf cart, scooter, or bike on Culebra, Puerto Rico?

It all depends on the kind of vacation you want to have.  You can get to town and the major beaches (Flamenco, Tamarindo, Melones, Zoni) via publico (minibus) or taxi. Guests who enjoy walking often simply hike along the road to Flamenco, Tamarindo, and town.   It can get hot, however, and it can also rain! Don’t forget water and sunscreen!

Renting a jeep gives you access to all of the beaches, and gives you a way to carry a cooler, water, snorkel gear, and so on. 4-person golf carts (available at both Carlos Jeeps: Carlos Jeep Rental ($45/day plus fees) and Jerry’s Jeeps ($45/day plus fees ((787) 742-0587 or 742-0526) which are great for getting to town, Flamenco, Tamarindo, and Melones, but Carlos Jeeps warns golf cart renters away from places like Zoni and Punta Soldado because of the steep hills. Scooters (also from Carlos), $45 for 24 hours, can carry two and offer a cheap but still motorized alternative. Be aware that the island’s roads have numerous potholes and drainage culverts, and that you’ll have no protection if it rains!

Jerry’s Jeeps ((787) 742-0587 or 742-0526) rents Jeeps as well as golf carts and is a bit cheaper than Carlos Jeeps. Both rental places are very close to the airport terminal. Another option for golf carts is Culebra UTV Rental ($45/all day; $55/24hrs.; (939) 400-0753 or (787) 525-5456), located about halfway between the airport and The Lighthouse.

If you arrange it in advance, both Carlos Jeeps and Culebra UTV rentals will pick you up at the ferry.

Avis, located in town next to PanDeli (about two blocks from the ferry), rents compact SUVs ($70/day) and Jeeps ($90/day): (787) 742-3000 or reserve at their website: Avis Car Rental .

If you’re in reasonable shape, a bike can get you around town and to Flamenco Beach (one serious hill), Tamarindo Beach (add another short but steep hill), or Melones (one short, steep hill). You can carry a cooler or gear on the bike rack but be prepared for rain or for getting thirsty and tired after a day at the beach. A bike trip to Zoni Beach, even though it looks short on the map (5.8 miles from The Lighthouse), can be challenging. Some of our younger guests have enjoyed the ride, especially if they walk their bikes up the steeper hills; others have found it quite tiring.