Where can I snorkel/dive? Where can I rent equipment?

Nicole Scamardella   June 30, 2016   Comments Off on Where can I snorkel/dive? Where can I rent equipment?

Favorite spots for snorkeling and diving are Tamarindo Beach (especially off to the left, near the rocks) where turtles are often seen, Carlos Rosario Beach and Tamarindo Grande, a fairly easy 20-minute hike from the left- hand end of the parking lot at Flamenco Beach, and Melones, a short drive from the ferry dock and the hospital in town. For the more adventuresome, Punta Soldado, at the southern tip of the island, is a beautiful but remote spot accessible by a steep dirt road.

Be aware that you may encounter sea urchins–They are the porcupines of the sea, beware! Their seriously painful spines at all these places, so wear reef shoes or full-heel flippers, and don’t touch things with your hands!

Divers can arrange to charter a boat for a day or a part-day. Information is available through Culebra Divers, below…

We recommend Culebra Divers for good-quality rental equipment, fitting, and advice. (Culebra Divers is located opposite the ferry dock and next to Ricky’s gas station in town)

Nighttime boat tours of Culebra’s Bioluminescent Bays are available by appointment; contact Captain Sebastian at (787) 435-4498.

Mosquito Bay is the best location to view Bioluminescents in Culebra.

*Keep in mind bioluminescence are not visible while the full moon is out.  Best seen when there is no moon visible.  It need to be dark!

Flamenco is the only beach on the island that has concession stands so you can purchase food, drinks, and other things like water gear.  There are also bathrooms, showers, and lockers available.   There is an ATM available at the locker station.  Most places on the island accept cash only including the flamenco beach.

All other beaches you must bring your own food and drinks. The Remember to bring water, sunscreen, and food with you when you explore the beach!

When snorkeling (or extended periods of time in the water) we highly suggest wearing a long sleeve shirt in the water to protect from getting sunburn.